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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2021 Can Trade Agreements Help Solve the Wicked Problem of Disinformation?Aaronson, Susan Ariel
2012 Can Trade Policy Set Information Free?Aaronson, Susan Ariel; Townes, Miles
2010 Corporate Strategy and Inadequate Governance : The Pitfalls of CSRAaronson, Susan Ariel
2020 Data is Dangerous : Comparing the Risks that the United States, Canada and Germany See in Data TrovesAaronson, Susan Ariel
2020 Data is Different : Why the World Needs a New Approach to Governing Cross-Border Data FlowsAaronson, Susan Ariel
2021 Data is Divisive : A History of Public Communications on E-commerce, 1998-2020Aaronson, Susan Ariel; Struett, Thomas
2014 Data Protection and Digital Trade in the Wake of the NSA RevelationsAaronson, Susan Ariel; Maxim, Rob
2014 Does the WTO Help Member States Clean Up?Aaronson, Susan Ariel
2021 The Emergence of a Third Wave of Open Data : How To Accelerate the Re-Use of Data for Public Interest Purposes While Ensuring Data Rights and Community FlourishingVerhulst, Stefaan; Young, Andrew; Zahuranec, Andrew J.; Calderon, Ania; Gee, Matt; Aaronson, Susan Ariel
2013 Fair Trade? How Oxfam Presented a Systemic Approach to Poverty, Development, Human Rights and TradeAaronson, Susan Ariel
2010 How China's Employment Problems Became Trade ProblemsAaronson, Susan Ariel
2017 Information please : a comprehensive approach to digital trade provisions in NAFTA 2.0Aaronson, Susan Ariel
2014 Is More Trade Always Better? The WTO and Human Rights in Conflict ZonesAaronson, Susan Ariel; Abouharb, Mohammed Rodwan
2015 The Liberal Illusion is Not a Complete Delusion : The WTO Helps Member States Keep the Peace Only When it Increases TradeAaronson, Susan Ariel; Abouharb, Mohammed Rodwan; Wang, K. Daniel
2011 Limited Partnership : Business, Government, Civil Society and the Public in the Extractive Industry Transparency InitiativeAaronson, Susan Ariel
2013 A Match Made in the Corporate and Public Interest : Marrying Voluntary CSR Initiatives and the WTOAaronson, Susan Ariel
2014 Minding Our Business : Corporate Social Responsibility Pressures and the Failure to Develop Universal Rules to Govern Investors and StatesAaronson, Susan Ariel
2013 'Minding Our Business' : What the US Has Done and Can Do to Ensure that its Multinationals Act Responsibility in Foreign MarketsAaronson, Susan Ariel
2011 Obama’s Big Failure – His Vague Cautious Trade PolicyAaronson, Susan Ariel
2015 ‘Re-Righting Business’ : John Ruggie and the Struggle to Develop International Human Rights Standards for Transnational FirmsAaronson, Susan Ariel