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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2021 A note on state-level nonlinear effects of government spending shocks in the US : the role of Partisan conflictSheng, Xin; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Bitcoin prices and the realized volatility of US sectoral stock returnsBouri, Elie; Salisu, Afees A.; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Climate risks and realized volatility of major commodity currency exchange ratesBonato, Matteo; Çepni, Oğuzhan; Gupta, Rangan; Pierdzioch, Christian
2022 Climate uncertainty and carbon emissions prices : the relative roles of transition and physical climate risksOzturk, Serda Selin; Demirer, Rıza; Gupta, Rangan
2021 Conventional and unconventional monetary policy rate uncertainty and stock market volatility : a forecasting perspectiveLiu, Ruipeng; Gupta, Rangan
2021 Does climate policy uncertainty affect tourism demand? : evidence from time-varying causality testsApergēs, Nikolaos; Gavriilidis, Konstantinos; Gupta, Rangan
2021 Exchange rate jumps and geopolitical risksGillas, Konstantinos Gkillas; Gupta, Rangan; Konstantatos, Christoforos; Vortelinos, Dimitrios I.
2021 Financial inclusion and gender inequality in sub-Saharan AfricaZawaira, Tendai; Clance, Matthew; Chisadza, Carolyn; Gupta, Rangan
2021 Forecasting international REITs volatility : the role of oil-price uncertaintyWang, Jiqian; Gupta, Rangan; Çepni, Oğuzhan; Ma, Feng
2022 Forecasting returns of major cryptocurrencies : evidence from regime-switching factor modelsBouri, Elie; Christou, Christina; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Forecasting stock market volatility with regime-switching GARCH-MIDAS : the role of geopolitical risksSegnon, Mawuli; Gupta, Rangan
2021 Forecasting the Artificial Intelligence index returns : a hybrid approachZhang, Yue-jun; Zhang, Han; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Hedge and safe haven properties of gold, US Treasury, Bitcoin, and Dollar/CHF against the FAANA companies and S&P 500Yousaf, Imran; Plakandaras, Vasilios; Bouri, Elie; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Herding in international REITs markets around the COVID-19 pandemicLesame, Keagile; Ngene, Geoffrey; Gupta, Rangan; Bouri, Elie
2022 Inflation-inequality puzzle : is it still apparent?Berisha, Edmond; Gharehgozli, Orkideh; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Monetary policy and bubbles in G7 economies : evidence from a panel VAR approachCaraiani, Petre; Gupta, Rangan; Nel, Jacobus; Nielsen, Joshua
2022 Oil-price uncertainty and international stock returns : dissecting quantile-based predictability and spillover effects using more than a century of dataBalcilar, Mehmet; Gupta, Rangan; Pierdzioch, Christian
2022 On the propagation mechanism of international real interest rate spillovers : evidence from more than 200 years of dataCuñado Eizaguirre, Juncal; Gabauer, David; Gupta, Rangan
2022 Persistence of state-level uncertainty of the United States : the role of climate risksSheng, Xin; Gupta, Rangan; Çepni, Oğuzhan
2022 Policy uncertainty and stock market volatility revisited : the predictive role of signal qualitySalisu, Afees A.; Demirer, Rıza; Gupta, Rangan