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2023 Ownership structure and profit maximization in general equilibrium models of monopolistic competitionBoitier, Vincent
2023 Arbeitsmarktstatistiken / herausgegeben von Statistik Austria. 2022-
2023 Gold-to-platinum price ratio and the predictability of bubbles in financial marketsDemirer, Rıza; Gabauer, David; Gupta, Rangan; Nielsen, Joshua
2023 IKT-Einsatz in Haushalten / hrsg. von Statistik Austria. 2021-
2023 Stock market volatility and multi-scale positive and negative bubblesGupta, Rangan; Nel, Jacobus; Nielsen, Joshua; Pierdzioch, Christian
2023 What can we do with the quality-adjusted labor input data? : an explanation with examplesLiu, Gang
2023 Quantifying the economic effects of land reform policy in South Africa : a computable general equilibrium analysisMosoma, Khumbuzile C.; Bohlmann, Heinrich R.; Ntombela, Sifiso M.; Van Eyden, Reneé
2023 Testing the split of economic ownership for petroleum resources in NorwayLiu, Gang
2023 Technological shocks and stock market volatility over a century : a GARCHMIDAS approachSalisu, Afees A.; Demirer, Rıza; Gupta, Rangan
2023 Konkurranseutsatte næringer i Norge : en oppdatering 2023Sagelvmo, Ingunn; Slettebø, Olav; Strøm, Birger
2023 Monetary policy shocks and multi-scale positive and negative bubbles in an emerging country : the case of IndiaÇepni, Oğuzhan; Gupta, Rangan; Nel, Jacobus; Nielsen, Joshua
2023 Helium - von einer Knappheit zur nächstenElsner, Harald
2023 Fiscal policy and stock markets at the effective lower boundAndré, Christophe; Caraiani, Petre; Gupta, Rangan
2023 Monopolisierungstendenzen in digitalen Märkten : Ursachen, Auswirkungen, RemedurenMayer, Teo; Kesse, Louis
2023 Foreløpig nasjonalregnskap for 2022Hirsch, Elise von
2023 A bibliometric analysis of publications on customer service chatbotsMariciuc, Dragoș Florentin
2023 Applying game-based approaches in personnel selection : a systematic literature reviewAouam, Hamza; Belmouffeq, Bouchra; Mahil, Aziza
2023 Product market competition and organization capitalShin, Ilhang; Lee, Hansol
2023 Revisiting the effects of government size and labour market institutions on macroeconomic volatility : the case of the eurozoneBajo Rubio, Oscar; Berke, Burcu
2023 Effect of social networks on financial account ownerships in EthiopiaBekeru, Kedir