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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2021The impact of immigration on labor cost in EU : is there a threshold effect?Durmaz, Atakan; Akkuş, Ömer
2021Analysis of the Europeans' attitudes towards vaccination in the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic : implications for public health policyDimian, Gina Cristina; Vasilescu, Maria Denisa; Apostu, Simona Andreea; Aceleanu, Mirela Ionela; Jablonsky, Josef
2021Organizational performance : are the phases of the talent management process equally important?Lančarič, Drahoslav; Savov, Radovan; Chebeň, Juraj
2021Proposal and simulation of a business process model of strategic management in e-commerceSvatošová, Veronika
2021Appetites grow with age : wage expectations among Slovak men and womenAdamus, Magdalena; Ballová Mikušková, Eva
2021Global research talents : analysis of their behavior and publication/citation patternsBrzica, Daneš
2021Are there differences in the financial performance of Czech and Slovak cluster organizations?Natalie PelloneováPelloneová, Natalie
2021What drives shadow banking in the new EU member states? : empirical panel cointegration approachKjosevski, Jordan; Petkovski, Mihail; Stojkov, Aleksandar
2021Financial autonomy of local governments in the Slovak Republic : a panel data investigationMaličká, Lenka
2021What drives healthcare expenditure growth? : evidence from central and eastern European economiesKonatar, Milena; Kaštelan, Snježana; Kaštelan, Uršula; Đurašković, Jovan; Radović, Milivoje