We offer our support to students of computer science, business informatics, librarianship, information science and related disciplines for projects and final theses covering the following themes:

Web Science

  • (Social) Web applications within the context of the library domain
  • User and usage research focussing on researchers/students on the (Social) Web
  • Innovative formats of scholarly communication
  • New paradigms of information provision
  • Science 2.0
  • User-generated content in libraries and science
  • New forms of evaluating science
  • Community management on the (Social) Web

Kowledge Discovery

  • Spatio-temporal Exploration of Social Media on Mobile Devices
  • Classification and Clustering of Large-scale Datasets of User Feedback (cooperation with Otto Group)
  • Detecting the Type of an Infographic Using Eye Tracking
  • Optimizing Caching and Crawling Strategies for Stream-based SchemEX Computation
  • Extraction of Statistical Metadata from Scientific Publications
  • Inverse Link Traversal on Linked Open Data
  • A Core Ontology on Objects and Relations to Events
  • An R-toolbox for Non-parametric Analysis of Split-Plot Designs
  • Automatic Detection and Separation of Scholarly Figures from PDFs
  • Internet of Things via REST API (cooperation with inray Industriesoftware GmbH)
  • 2D/3D Visualization of Multidimensional Data on Mobile Devices
  • Estimating the Reading Complexity of Documents using Eye-Tracking and Neural Networks
  • Novel Text Extraction from Infographics using Neural Networks