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Working paper / CIRIEC
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Liège : CIRIEC
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This paper proposes the history of statistics of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in France, social construct which expresses both the mobilization but also the representations and resistances of various social and institutional players. It emerged from the recognition of Social Economy by national players and public authorities in the 1980s. In spite of a consecutive important involvement of INSEE (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques), the production of statistics on SSE is still the concern of numerous private actors. While its recognition by its global weight reaches a relatively broad consensus and has allowed the commitment of public authorities including the nomination of a Minister for SSE, whereas the figures become more refined, multiple questions remain on the perimeter, on the categories, on the indicators.
French (fre)
(2015). La construction de la statistique de l'économie sociale et solidaire (ESS) en France : une mobilisation progressive d'acteurs très divers. Liège : CIRIEC.
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