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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2024Examining the role of women's labor participation in CO2 emissions in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider; Tanveer, Muhammad
2023The environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis in the United States : a reviewMahmood, Haider; Houaneb, Amira
2023Assessing the connection between nuclear and renewable energy on ecological footprint within the EKC framework : implications for sustainable policy in leading nuclear energy-producing countriesDuran, Ivan A.; Saqib, Najia; Mahmood, Haider
2023The environmental Kuznets curve and renewable energy consumption : a reviewMahmood, Haider; Hassan, Muhammad Shahid; Rej, Soumen; Furqan, Maham
2022The link between economic growth and sustainable energy in G7-Countries and E7-Countries : evidence from a dynamic panel threshold modelSaqib, Najia; Mahmood, Haider; Siddiqui, Aamir Hussain; Shamim, Muhammad Asif
2022Rule of law, control of corruption and CO2 emissions in PakistanMahmood, Haider; Hassan, Shafiqul; Tanveer, Muhammad; Furqan, Maham
2022Trade openness, industrialization, urbanization and pollution emissions in GCC countries : a way towards green and circular economiesMahmood, Haider
2022The effects of rule of law, regulatory quality, and renewable Energy on CO2 Emissions in South AsiaMahmood, Haider; Hassan, Shafiqul; Tanveer, Muhammad; Ahmad, Abdul-Rahim
2021Oil prices, control of corruption, governance, and economic growth nexus in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider
2021Investigating the N-shaped energy-environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider; Tanveer, Muhammad; Furqan, Maham