Ansgar Scherp is 'Rising Star' at ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium of ACM Multimedia 2016

The ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium honours selected SIGMM members' research and contribution to the community.

Among six selected rising SIGMM members, Ansgar Scherp will present this year his research work including the current EU project MOVING in his presentation entitled "About Multimedia Presentation Generation and Multimedia Metadata: From Synthesis to Analysis, and Back?".

The SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium takes place in October during the 26th ACM Multimedia Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. ACM Multimedia is the world's premier multimedia conference. It is organized since 1993 and brings together researchers from various fields such as multimedia content analysis, multimedia streaming, multimedia systems, and human-centered multimedia applications.

The ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium of the Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has been inaugurated in 2015.

This year's second symposium highlights plenary presentations of six selected rising SIGMM members on their vision and research achievements, and dialogs with senior members about the future of multimedia research.

The goal of the ACM SIGMM Rising Stars Symposium is to develop a new generation of community leadership by recognizing the accomplishments of rising leaders. The symposium is a prestigious event exclusively reserved to highlight invited talks by rising stars who have received their PhD degree within 10 years and demonstrated great potential in multimedia research.

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