Development of the National Research Data Infrastructure

ZBW takes part in two consortia for developing the National Research Data Infrastructure for Economics

The consortium Business & Economics Research Data BERD@NFDI is headed by Mannheim University and consists of eight institutions, among them infrastructure providers and research institutions focusing on economics and related areas. It puts its focus on the integrated management of unstructured data and scientific software and has a clear commitment to openness, for instance in the form of open software and open standards.

The consortium KonsortSWD headed by the Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences connects disciplines working with different types of data that often require additional protection for legal and ethical reasons and have not been collated originally for scientific purposes, but are often used for answering scientific research questions. KonsortSWD aims to supply researchers and research data centres with the tools and services they will need to manage and share (new) sensitive and non-sensitive data in accordance with the FAIR principles.