DyeSE – Project for the development of German-Norwegian relations in the field of research of semantic sensor networks

The project DyeSE is intended to bring together researchers from Oslo University in the field of study of sensor networks with researchers from Kiel University / ZBW in the field of semantic technologies in order to establish the new research area Dynamic Semantic Sensor Networks (DyeSe). The soaring use of mobile devices as well as the increasing availability of sensors on the internet both contribute to the growing importance of such sensor networks.

The main objective of the project is to provide a starting point to facilitate networking within the respective technical faculties regarding the subject area DySE. The additional aim is to create a lasting bond between research and teaching. To this end two meetings are to be held in Oslo and Kiel. They will comprise of research colloquiums, interactive workshops as well as an exchange of practical experience with regard to the teaching process. The meetings will provide professors of the respective faculties with an opportunity to develop new project ideas and initiate joint project proposals, while postgraduate students will be able to learn from each other as well as initiate joint research questions. Bringing together professors and postgraduate students to discuss research activities carried out within this field of study will ensure sustainable networking between the project partners.

The project is supported by the German-Norwegian Centre for Study DNSZ.

Contact person for the projact DyeSE: Professor Ansgar Scherp (T. +49-431-8814-628).