Implementing FAIR Data Infrastructures

Dagstuhl Manifesto published

The Open Science movement is gaining strength and momentum worldwide, signalling a fundamental shift in how scientific research is made accessible and reusable. In order to fulfill the promises of open science, reliable and sustainable research data infrastructures must be developed. While the FAIR data principles provide a promising conceptual basis for developing such data infrastructures, they do not provide technological guidance on how to do so.

Computer science is uniquely situated to fill this gap by researching and developing tools and technical specifications which can help to realize the creation of FAIR data infrastructures. To this end, the Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop “Implementing FAIR Data Infrastructures“, which the ZBW has co-organized, brought together computer scientists and digital infrastructure experts from across disciplinary domains to discuss key challenges and technical solutions to implementing and promoting the establishment of FAIR-compliant infrastructures for research data.

A recently published Dagstuhl Manifesto reports the findings from the workshop and provides recommendations along two lines: (1) how computer science can contribute to implementing FAIR data infrastructures and (2) how to make computer science research itself more FAIR.

About the workshop