ZBW workshop for economists on “Text and Data Mining (TDM) to gain knowledge for research questions in economics”

On 25 November 2016, the workshop “Text and Data Mining (TDM) to gain knowledge for research questions in economics” was held at the ZBW in Hamburg.

Researchers from institutions such as the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), the Bundesbank, and the University of Kiel were invited to a workshop which aimed to identify possible applications and implementation scenarios for Text and Data Mining in economic research.

At the beginning, Ansgar Scherp presented the EU project MOVING and Olaf Siegert the publication server EconStor.

Four possible application cases in the context of Text and Data Mining at EconStor were then proposed as a basis for the ensuing discussion:

  1. Identification of publication-intensive institutes/chairs/faculties for a specific topic
  2. Development of thematic trends over time
  3. Finding relevant research funding institutions for a specific topic
  4. Finding relevant datasets for a specific topic

Key questions in the discussion addressed the relevance of these application cases for the research of the participants and how the results should be edited, as well as other potential Use Cases of TDM.

Intensive and constructive discussions showed that TDM is a very relevant tool for the in-depth analysis of research literature. The workshop’s participants see great potential, especially in the area of thematic trends and for the identification of used datasets and applied research models.