The following list names the journals regularly indexed cover-to-cover for the Online Catalogue. These journals form a central part of our collection profile and belong to the leading journals in the countries where they are published. The list includes the journals contained in the leading rankings, and in particular journals covering business administration. The list currenty contains 1,744 journals.

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4OR : quarterly journal of the Belgian, French and Italian Operations Research Societies -

Abacus : a journal of accounting, finance and business studies -

Academic journal of economic studies -

Academica science journal -

Academy of Management journal : AMJ -

Academy of Management learning & education : AMLE -

Accounting & taxation : AT -

Accounting and business research : a research quarterly publ. by the Inst. of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales -

Accounting and finance : journal of the Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand -

Accounting and the public interest -

Accounting forum : advancing the interdisciplinary and global connection of accounting research -

Accounting history : journal of the Accounting History Special Interest Group of the Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand -

Accounting history review -

Accounting horizons : a quarterly publication of the American Accounting Association -

Accounting in Europe -

Accounting perspectives : a journal of The Canadian Academic Accounting Association -

Accounting research journal -

Accounting, auditing & accountability journal -

Accounting, Economics, and Law : AEL : a convivium -

Accounting, organizations and society : an international journal devoted to the behavioural, organizational and social aspects of accounting -

Acta oeconomica : periodical of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences -

Acta oeconomica Pragensia : v?decký ?asopis Vysoke Školy Ekonomické v Praze -

Acta scientiarum polonorum : czasopismo naukowe za?o?one w 2001 roku przez polskie uczelnie rolnicze -

Acta Universitatis Danubius -

Administrative science quarterly : ASQ : dedicated to advancing the understanding of administration through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis -

Advances in accounting : a research annual -

Advances in accounting behavioral research -

Advances in accounting education : teaching and curriculum innovations -

Advances in business and management forecasting -

Advances in competitiveness research : ACR -

Advances in developing human resources : ADHR -

Advances in financial education : journal of the Financial Education Association -

Advances in global leadership -

Advances in industrial and labor relations -

Advances in management accounting : a research annual -

Advances in mathematical economics -

Advances in mergers and acquisitions -

Advances in strategic management : a research annual -

Advances in taxation : a research annual -

African development review -

African finance journal -

African journal of accounting, auditing and finance : AJAAF -

African journal of business and economic research : AJBER -

African journal of economic and management studies : AJEMS -

African journal of economic and sustainable development -

African journal of science, technology, innovation & development : AJSTID -

African review of economics & finance : AREF : (a journal of the African Finance and Economics Consult) -

Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting : AAJFA -

Agrekon : agricultural economics research, policy and practice in southern Africa -

Agribusiness : an internat. journal -

Agricultural and Food Economics : AFE -

Agricultural and resource economics review : ARER -

Agricultural economics : the journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists -

Agricultural finance review -

Aktuelle Aspekte des M&A-Geschäftes : Jahrbuch -

Aktuelle Berichte -

American business law journal : the official publication of the American Business Law Association -

American economic journal : a journal of the American Economic Association -

American economic journal : a journal of the American Economic Association -

American economic journal : a journal of the American Economic Association -

American economic journal : a journal of the American Economic Association -

American journal of agricultural economics -

American journal of business : applying research to practice ; AJB -

American journal of finance and accounting -

Amfiteatru economic -

Amfiteatru economic : an economic and business research periodical -

AMS review : official publication of the Academy of Marketing Science -

Analele ?tiin?ifice ale Univer?it??ii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Ia?i -

Analele Universit?tii Dun?rea de Jos Gala?i -

Análise econômica : revista da Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul -

Análisis económico -

Annales : etyka w ?yciu gospodarczym -

Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sk?odowska -

Annals -

Annals of actuarial science : publ. by the Institute of Actuaries and the Faculty of Actuaries -

Annals of economics and finance -

Annals of economics and statistics -

Annals of finance -

Annals of financial economics -

Annals of public and cooperative economics -

Annual development review -

Annual report on China's economic growth : macroeconomic trends and outlook -

Annual report on the development of the Indian Ocean Region ... : 21st century maritime silk road -

Annual review of economics -

Annual review of financial economics -

Annual review of resource economics -

Applied econometrics and international development -

Applied economic perspectives and policy -

Applied economics -

Applied economics letters -

Applied economics quarterly -

Applied mathematical finance -

Appraisal journal -

Aquaculture economics & management : official journal of the International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management -

Arbeit : Zeitschrift für Arbeitsforschung, Arbeitsgestaltung und Arbeitspolitik -

Argumenta oeconomica -

Artha vijñ?na : journal of the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics -

Arts and the market -

Asia Pacific : journal of human resources -

Asia Pacific business review -

Asia Pacific development journal -

Asia Pacific journal of management : APJM : a publication of the Faculty of Business Administration, National University of Singapore -

Asia Pacific journal of marketing and logistics -

Asian Academy of Management journal : AAMJ -

Asian African journal of economics and econometrics -

Asian business & management -

Asian development review -

Asian economic journal : journal of the East Asian Economic Association -

Asian economic papers -

Asian economic policy review : AEPR -

Asian international studies review -

Asian journal of business ethics : AJBE -

Asian journal of management cases : AJMC -

Asian journal of management science and applications : AJMSA -

Asian Pacific economic literature -

Asian review of accounting -

Asia-Pacific financial markets -

Asia-Pacific journal of accounting & economics : APJAE -

Asia-Pacific journal of business administration -

Asia-Pacific journal of financial studies -

Asia-Pacific journal of management research and innovation : APJMRI -

Asia-Pacific journal of risk and insurance : APJRI -

Assurances et gestion des risques : revue trimestrielle; : quarterly journal -

Astin bulletin : the journal of the International Actuarial Association -

Athens journal of business & economics : AJBE -

Atlantic economic journal : AEJ -

Atlantic review of economics -

Auditing : a journal of practice & theory -

Aussenwirtschaft : schweizerische Zeitschrift für internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen : the Swiss review of international economic relations -

Australasian accounting business and finance journal : AABF -

Australasian marketing journal -

Australian accounting review -

Australian bulletin of labour -

Australian economic history review : a journal of economic, business & social history -

Australian economic papers -

Australian journal of labour economics : a journal of labour economics and labour relations ; official journal of the Australian Society of Labour Economists -

Australian journal of management -