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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2018 Benefit as a medium for value creation and innovationBarnard, Brian
2018 Entrepreneurship and innovation : the antecedents of opportunityPhiri, Tina; Barnard, Brian
2019 Entrepreneurship and knowledge management : knowledge requirements, utility, creation, and competencyPillay, Denzil; Barnard, Brian
2019 Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity : the creative process of entrepreneurs and innovatorsBarnard, Brian; Herbst, Derrick
2019 Entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic foresight : how entrepreneurs engage the future as opportunityBrown, Arran; Barnard, Brian
2020 Entrepreneurship, innovation, and value creation : customer benefits entrepreneurs and innovators build into new productsDlamini, Sebenzile; Barnard, Brian
2019 The heuristics of entrepreneursMakings, Andrea; Barnard, Brian
2017 Innovation and entrepreneurship : the necessary conditions of value creationBarnard, Brian; Herbst, Derrick
2019 Leadership of entrepreneurship at the macro-levelMabusela, Ipeleng; Barnard, Brian
2020 Online shopping : motivation, loyalty and processMenoe, Dithebe; Barnard, Brian
2019 Perceptions of entrepreneurs and innovators regarding radical innovation : fundamentals, requirements, and methodWallace, Dylan; Barnard, Brian
2018 Rating migration and bond valuation : a historical interest rate and default probability term structuresBarnard, Brian
2017 Rating migration and bond valuation : decomposing rating migration matrices from market data via default probability term structuresBarnard, Brian
2019 Social entrepreneurship : objectives, innovation, implementation and impact on entrepreneurshipMthembu, Anele; Barnard, Brian