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Total number of downloads in the selected time period: 1,571,214

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pos. country total perc.
1 image of flag of United States United States 225,381 14.34%
2 image of flag of Germany Germany 147,674 9.40%
3 image of flag of India India 87,059 5.54%
4 image of flag of Nigeria Nigeria 75,173 4.78%
5 image of flag of Indonesia Indonesia 71,674 4.56%
6 image of flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 64,389 4.10%
7 image of flag of Russia Russia 54,993 3.50%
8 image of flag of Philippines Philippines 45,541 2.90%
9 image of flag of China China 39,429 2.51%
10 image of flag of Czechia Czechia 38,156 2.43%
    other countries 721,745 45.94%