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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023 Analyzing the relationship between oil prices and gold prices before and after COVID-19Huseynli, Nigar
2023 BIST tourism and BIST electricity index relationshipHuseynli, Nigar
2023 Causality between selected energy companies' price indexes and barel oil pricesHuseynli, Nigar
2024 CO2 emission and research and development relationship for AzerbaijanHuseynli, Nigar
2022 Econometric analysis of renewable energy consumption and economic growth : the case of Kazakhstan and KyrgyzstanSarkhanov, Teymur; Huseynli, Nigar
2022 Econometric analysis of the relationship between renewable energy production, traditional energy production and unemployment : the case of AzerbaijanHuseynli, Bahman; Huseynli, Nigar
2022 Econometric analysis of the relationships between growth, exports and energy exports in AzerbaijanHuseynli, Nigar
2022 Effect of renewable energy and traditional energy production on economic growth : the case of Turkey and AzerbaijanHuseynli, Nigar
2023 The effect of world oil price on Türkiye's exchange rateHuseynli, Nigar
2023 The impact of energy investments on employment : the Russian caseHuseynli, Nigar
2022 Impact of revenues from oil and non-oil sectors on the economic growth of AzerbaijanHuseynli, Nigar
2024 Investigation of the effect of energy consumption on carbon emissions in Azerbaijan in the context of the environmental Kuznets CurveHuseynli, Nigar
2024 Level of urbanization and renewable energy consumption : the case of Azerbaijan and TürkiyeHuseynli, Nigar
2022 The relationship between the stock price and the energy index : a research on the energy company with the highest brand value in TurkeyHuseynli, Nigar; Huseynli, Bahman