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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023 Assessing the connection between nuclear and renewable energy on ecological footprint within the EKC framework : implications for sustainable policy in leading nuclear energy-producing countriesDuran, Ivan A.; Saqib, Najia; Mahmood, Haider
2020 Determinants of diversification from oil sector in Saudi ArabiaAlkhathlan, Khalid Abdullah; Alkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik; Mahmood, Haider; Bindabel, Wardah Abdulrahman
2022 The effects of rule of law, regulatory quality, and renewable Energy on CO2 Emissions in South AsiaMahmood, Haider; Hassan, Shafiqul; Tanveer, Muhammad; Ahmad, Abdul-Rahim
2023 The environmental Kuznets curve and renewable energy consumption : a reviewMahmood, Haider; Hassan, Muhammad Shahid; Rej, Soumen; Furqan, Maham
2023 The environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis in the United States : a reviewMahmood, Haider; Houaneb, Amira
2024 Examining the role of women's labor participation in CO2 emissions in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider; Tanveer, Muhammad
2018 Financial markets and electricity consumption nexus in Saudi ArabiaSenan, Nabil Ahmed Mareai; Mahmood, Haider; Liaquat, Sehrish
2018 Foreign direct investment, domestic investment and oil price nexus in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider; Alkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik
2018 Green human resource management, financial markets and pollution nexus in Saudi ArabiaAlkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik; Alkahtani, Nasser Saad; Mahmood, Haider
2021 Investigating the N-shaped energy-environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider; Tanveer, Muhammad; Furqan, Maham
2022 The link between economic growth and sustainable energy in G7-Countries and E7-Countries : evidence from a dynamic panel threshold modelSaqib, Najia; Mahmood, Haider; Siddiqui, Aamir Hussain; Shamim, Muhammad Asif
2020 Oil price and capital formation nexus in GCC countries : asymmetry analysesAlkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik; Mahmood, Haider
2021 Oil price and economic growth nexus in Saudi Arabia : asymmetry analysisMahmood, Haider; Murshed, Muntasir
2017 Oil price and employment nexus in Saudi ArabiaAlkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik; Mahmood, Haider; Sultan, Zafar Ahmad; Ahmad, Nawaz
2021 Oil price and industrial growth in Saudi Arabia : sectoral and asymmetry analysesMahmood, Haider
2019 Oil price and slumps effects on personal consumption in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider; Zamil, Ahmad M. A.
2021 Oil prices, control of corruption, governance, and economic growth nexus in Saudi ArabiaMahmood, Haider
2017 Oil revenue, public spending, gross domestic product and employment in Saudi ArabiaAlkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik; Sultan, Zafar Ahmad; Mahmood, Haider
2018 Oil-abundance and macroeconomic performance in the GCC countriesMaalel, Nabil; Mahmood, Haider
2021 Role of oil price in fiscal cyclicality in Saudi ArabiaAlkahteeb, Tarek Tawfik; Mahmood, Haider; Sultan, Zafar Ahmad