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2018 The contribution of multinationals to wage inequality : foreign ownership and the gender pay gapVahter, Priit; Masso, Jaan
2019 Does corruption affect local and foreign owned companies differently? : evidence from the BEEPS surveyAshyrov, Gaygysyz; Masso, Jaan
2021 Effects of automation on the gender pay gap: the case of EstoniaPavlenkova, Ilona; Alfieri, Luca; Masso, Jaan
2018 Export and productivity in global value chains : comparative evidence from Latvia and EstoniaBenkovskis, Konstantins; Masso, Jaan; Tkacevs, Oleg; Vahter, Priit; Yashiro, Naomitsu
2020 Innovation as a firm-level factor of the gender wage gapMasso, Jaan; Vahter, Priit
2021 Joining and exiting the value chain of multinationals and the performance of suppliers: evidence from inter-firm transaction dataMasso, Jaan; Vahter, Priit
2016 Knowledge transfer from multinationals through labour mobility : learning from export experience = Teadmiste ülekandumine hargmaistest ettevõtetest tööjõu mobiilsuse kauduMasso, Jaan; Vahter, Priit
2015 The labour market performance of young return migrants after the crisis in CEE countries : the case of EstoniaTverdostup, Maryna; Masso, Jaan
2022 Predicting company innovativeness by analysing the website data of firms : a comparison across different types of innovationSõna, Sander; Masso, Jaan; Sharma, Shakshi; Vahter, Priit; Sharma, Rajesh
2020 Productivity gains from labour churning in economic crisis: do foreign firms gain more?Roosaar, Liis; Varblane, Urmas; Masso, Jaan
2021 Productivity implications of R&D, innovation and capital accumulation for incumbents and entrants: the case of EstoniaMasso, Jaan; Tiwari, Amaresh
2020 The role of firms in the gender wage gapMasso, Jaan; Meriküll, Jaanika; Vahter, Priit
2017 The structural change and labour productivity of firms : do changes in the age and wage structure of employees matter?Roosaar, Liis; Masso, Jaan; Varblane, Urmas