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2023 A diffuse analysis based on analytical processes to prioritize barriers in the development of renewable energy technologies in alignment with the united nations sustainable development goals : evidence from Guajira/ColombiaMoreno Rocha, Christian Manuel; Ortiz, Jorge D. Pertuz; Ibanez, Neyder A. Rodriguez
2024 Enhancing sustainable mobility : multi-criteria analysis for electric vehicle integration and policy implementationMoreno Rocha, Christian Manuel; Ospino, Melidey Díaz; Ramos, Israel Blanco; Guzman, Andres Medina
2022 Evaluation, hierarchy and selection of the best source of energy by using AHP, as a proposed solution to an energy and socio-economic problem, in the case of Colombia’s Pacific ZoneMoreno Rocha, Christian Manuel; Fernandez Perez, David; Rodriguez Retamoza, Jesus; Silva Ortega, Jorge; Brieva Bohorquez, Denis; Taborda Catalan, Luis
2022 Evolution, challenges, and perspective in the implementation of projects with renewable energy sources: Colombia caseMoreno Rocha, Christian Manuel; Melo Boiler, Jorge D.; Muñoz Pizarro, Samira M.; Mora Higuera, Leidy M.; Insignares Conde, William R.
2022 Implementation of the hierarchical analytical process in the selection of the best source of renewable energy in the Colombian Caribbean RegionMoreno Rocha, Christian Manuel; Nunez Alvarez, Jose Ricardo; Diaz Castillo, Daniel A.; Domingue, Esnaider D. Florian; Hernández, Juan Camilo Barrera