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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2022 Dynamics of volatility spillover between energy and environmental, social and sustainable indicesBabu, Manivannan; Lourdesraj, A. Antony; Hariharan, C.; Jayapal, Gayathri; Indhumathi, G.; Sathya, J.; Kathiravan, Chinnadurai
2018 The dynamics of savings in BotswanaHungwe, Martha; Odhiambo, Nicholas Mbaya
2018 The dynamics of public debt in Zambia : a critical reviewSaungweme, Talknice; Odhiambo, Nicholas M.
2019 Dynamics of multidimensional food security in AzerbaijanHuseynov, Ragif
2023 Dynamics of industrial electricity demand in the State of Bahia (Brazil) : evolution of price and income and COVID-19 implicationsMartins, Luís Oscar Silva; Fernandes, Fábio Matos; Santos, Alex A. B.; Bittencourt, Euclides Santos; Silva, Marcelo Santana
2019 Dynamics of household-level energy access in Vietnam during 2002-2014Nguyen, Dung Tien; Thanh Quang Ngo
2019 Dynamics of household savings and consumption in the Euro AreaBohdalová, Mária; Pažický, Martin
2017 The dynamics of financial and macroeconomic determinants in natural gas and crude oil markets : evidence from organization for economic cooperation and development/gulf cooperation council/ organization of the petroleum exporting countries countriesKaracaer-Ulusoy, Merve; Kapusuzoglu, Ayhan
2018 Dynamics of Canadian oil price and its impact on exchange rate and stock marketAlzyoud, Hussein; Wang, Eric Zengxiang; Basso, Michael Glenn
2020 Dynamic relationships between energy use, income, and environmental degradation in AfghanistanNora Yusma Bte Mohamed Yusoff; Hussain Ali Bekhet; Mahrwarz, S. M.
2022 Dynamic relationship between the return of gold, crude oil, and the stock exchange of Thailand based on a vector autoregressive modelWongtawan Uthumrat
2019 The dynamic relationship between natural gas and economic growth : evidence from IndonesiaSinaga, Obsatar; Saudi, Mohd Haizam Mohd; Roespinoedji, Djoko S.; Mohd Shahril Ahmad Razimi
2023 The dynamic relationship between energy consumption and level of unemployment rates in Malaysia : a time series analysis based on ARDL estimationHalimahton Borhan; Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Mohamad Idham Md. Razak; Rozita Naina Mohamed
2023 The dynamic relationship among domestic stock returns volatility, oil prices, exchange rate and macroeconomic factors of investmentShabbir, Malik Shahzad; Said, Laila Refiana; Pelit, Irem; Irmak, Esma
2019 The dynamic nexus of digital evolution, environmental turbulence and environmental performance : a case of high-tech industries in the emerging 4th industrial revolutionSinaga, Obsatar; Saudi, Mohd Haizam Mohd; Roespinoedji, Djoko; Mohd Shahril Ahmad Razimi
2020 Dynamic modeling using vector error-correction model : studying the relationship among data share price of energy PGAS Malaysia, AKRA, Indonesia, and PTT PCL-ThailandWarsono Warsono; Russel, Edwin; Putri, Almira Rizka; Wamiliana Wamiliana; Widiarti Widiarti; Mustofa Usman
2020 Dynamic modeling data export oil and gas and non-oil and gas by ARMA(2,1)-GARCH(1,1) model : study of Indonesians export over the years 2008-2019Nairobi, Nairobi; Russel, Edwin; Ambya, Ambya; Darmawan, Arif; Mustofa Usman; Wamiliana, Wamiliana
2023 Dynamic modeling and analysis of some energy companies of Indonesia over the year 2018 to 2022 by using VAR(p)-CCC GARCH(r,s) modelMustofa Usman; Komarudin, M.; Nurhanurawati; Russel, Edwin; Sidiq, Ahmad; Warsono; Elfaki, F. A. M.
2021 Dynamic model for the consumption of electrical energy in IndonesiaSafiah, Sudati Nur; Sugiharti, Rr. Retno; Destiningsih, Rian; Budiman, Putra Arif
2022 Dynamic linkages of carbon emissions, economic growth, energy consumption, tourism indicators and population : evidence from second-tier cities in ThailandAnuman Chanthawong; Therdchai Choibamroong