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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023 Mοdeling environmental degradation : the effects of electricity consumption, economic growth and globalizationStamatiou, Pavlos
2017 Myanmar energy consumption surveys report-
2015 Municipalities and social economy : lessons from PortugalLeite, João Salazar
2017 Municipal bonds in developing countries : case study: Municipality of Stip, Republic of MacedoniaGogova Samonikov, Marija; Veselinova, Elena; Gruevski, Ilija; Fotov, Risto; Binovski, Risto
2017 Multivariate cointegration and causality between electricity consumption, economic growth, foreign direct investment and exports : recent evidence from VietnamNguyen, Tuyen Ngoc; Winai Wongsurawat
2018 A multivariate cointegration analysis of the macroeconomic determinants of carbon emissions in MalaysiaRatneswary Rasiah; Sotheeswari Somasundram; Subramaniam, Geetha
2020 A multivariate analysis between renewable energy, carbon emission and economic growth : new evidences from selected Middle East and North Africa countriesMaku, Owen Affor; Ikpuri, Promise Oghenevwede
2021 Multipolarity of the world trade : challenges and "corridor of opportunities" for UkraineOstaško, T. O.
2022 Multiplier effect of energy infrastructure on GRDP : horizon in 3 production areas in East Kalimantan-IndonesiaLestari, Diana; Hasid, Zamruddin; Busari, Arfiah; Ananda, Aji Alya
2017 Multiple taxation, fees, levies and the performance of business enterprises in Edo StateObeki, O. S.; Bila, B.
2020 Multiple linear regression model applied to the projection of electricity demand in ColombiaGarcia-Guiliany, Jesús; De-la-hoz-Franco, Emiro; Rodríguez-Toscano, Andrés-David; De-la-Hoz-Hernández, Juan-David; Hernández-Palma, Hugo G.
2017 Multiple helices as agents of change? : the case of the neighborhoods of the future project and the development of direction for policy and practice on health, happiness and wellbeing for the next generation of older adultsvSpero, Ian; Stone, Merlin; Aravopoulou, Eleni
2019 Multinational companies and the management of corporate diplomacyGutu, Ioana
2017 Multifactor analysis of online reputation as a tool for enhancing competitiveness of subjects from automotive industryDorčák, Peter; Markovič, Peter; Pollák, František
2019 Multidimensional organizational climate measurement inventory MOCMI : verification of author's climate model and validation and validation of the toolWudarzewski, Grzegorz
2022 A multicriteria model to evaluate tenders for green procurement of public worksTavares, Luis V.; Ferreira, José Antunes; Ricardo, Alexandre
2021 Multi-source model of heterogeneous data analysis for oil price forecastingBaboshkin, Pavel; Uandykova, Mafura
2017 A multi-method approach to understanding behavior change : the case of texting and drivingHood, Karen M.; Kowalczyk, Christine M.; Hopkins, Christopher D.; Padgett, Daniel
2019 Multi-level system of indicators on the activity of innovative technology parks in the sectors of information and knowledge economyAliyev, Alovsat Garaja; Shahverdiyeva, Roza O.
2017 Multi-level analysis of sustainable energy transition in Kenya : role of exogenous actorsDong, Le; Mori, Akihisa