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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2022 Nudging Latin America and the Caribbean : a decade of improving public policies through behavioral economics-
2023 Nudging international sustainable practices confirmed with renewable energy consumptionGupta, Suman
2020 Nuclear power production : the future or the past?Kashurnikov, Sergey; Prasolov, Valeriy; Gorbanyov, Vladimir; Rogulin, Rodion
2023 Nuclear energy generation, fossil fuel price, energy mix generation, economic growth, FDI inflow and CO2 emission : a case study on developed and developing countries in the Asia Pacific RegionAdi, Tri Wahyu; Pawenary; Prabowo, Eri
2020 Nuanced gender perceptions on the influences of formal education and business networks on tourism-related business operationsNzama, Nompumelelo; Ezeuduji, Ikechukwu Onyekwere
2017 Nowcasting Slovak GDP by a small dynamic factor modelTóth, Peter
2020 Novel approach to measuring business process performanceSimeunović, Barbara; Tomašević, Ivan; Slović, Dragoslav; Stojanović, Dragana
2022 A note on the human capital and tourism growth nexus : a semi-parametric approachOikonomou, Aikaterina; Polemis, Michael
2021 A note on state-level nonlinear effects of government spending shocks in the US : the role of Partisan conflictSheng, Xin; Gupta, Rangan
2018 A note on revenue distribution patterns and rent-seeking incentiveSadik-Zada, Elkhan; Loewenstein, Wilhelm
2023 A note on national leadership and technology in moderating finance-growth nexusTang, Chor Foon; Salisu, Mannir
2023 A note on institutional trust and poverty : evidence from Latin AmericaTovar-García, Édgar Demetrio
2020 Not reviewing the movie but reviewing other reviews : effective online movie reviews in Japan, a country with high uncertainty-avoidance behaviorMorikawa, Miyuki
2019 Not only economics : the political economy of Euro adoption in RomaniaȘimandan, Radu; Leuștean, Beatrice; Dobrescu, Răzvan
2017 Norwegian experience as a promising measure for the Russian energy system developmentBalashova, Elena S.; Gromova, Elizaveta A.
2018 Norway's 2018 population projections : main results, methods and assumptionsSyse, Astri; Leknes, Stefan; Løkken, Sturla Andreas; Tønnessen, Marianne
2023 NORA : a microfounded model for fiscal policy analysis in NorwayGundersen, Thomas Størdal; Quaghebeur, Ewoud; Tretvoll, Håkon
2018 A nonlinear empirical analysis of oil price co-movementsCoronado, Semei; Fullerton, Thomas M.; Rojas, Omar
2022 Non-technical losses in Brazil : overview, challenges, and directions for identification and mitigationSavian, Fernando Souza de; Siluk, Julio Cezar Mairesse; Garlet, Taís Bisognin; Nascimento, Felipe Moraes do; Pinheiro, José Renes; Vale, Zita
2020 Non-tariff trade policy in the context of deep trade integration : an ex-post gravity model application to the eu-south korea agreementGruebler, Julia; Reiter, Oliver