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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023 Ownership structure and profit maximization in general equilibrium models of monopolistic competitionBoitier, Vincent
2018 Ownership structure and earnings management : evidence from Nigerian listed firmsEkpulu, G. A.; Omoye, A. S.
2019 Own financial control : advance operation the relevance of financial-accounting information to public enterprisesGheorghe, Cristian Florin
2018 An overview on the shipbuilding market in current period and forecastGasparotti, Carmen; Rusu, Eugen
2020 Overview of the SME sector in the APEC Region : key issues on market access and internationalizationHredzak, Tammy L.
2020 An overview of the 2020-2021 country-specific recommendations (CSRs) in the social field : the impact of Covid-19Rainone, Silvia
2024 An overview of statistical and neural-based line segmentation methods for offline handwriting recognition taskYakovchuk, Oleg; Rogoza, Walery
2019 Overview of social economy development in Slovakia and its promoting as the employment solution for long-term unemployed and disabled onesPčolinská, Lenka
2019 Overview of potential use of hydroxyl and hydrogen as an alternative fuel in ColombiaForero, Natalia Duarte; Barrios, Donovan Arango; Forero, Jorge Duarte
2020 Overview of policies for the generation from renewable energy focused in central tower concentrating solar powerLeón, Jhon A. Pabón; Mendoza, José O. García; Abril, Sofia Orjuela
2022 Overview of methods and means of implementation of information and measuring components cyber-physical systems for electromagnetic probingBuchma, Ihor; Voichenko, Mykhailo
2022 An overview of electricity in Cameroon : current status, influential factors and government actionsTamba, Jean Gaston; Sapnken, Flavian Emmanuel; Azong, Tchitchile Wilfried Emmanuel; Guefano, Serge; Lele, Armand Fopah; Monkam, Louis
2024 An overview of electricity consumption in Europe : models for prediction of the electricity usage for heating and coolingYukseltan, Ergun; Aktunc, Esra Agca; Bilge, Ayse H.; Yucekaya, Ahmet
2021 Overview of disclosure of non-financial information of the companies listed on Nasdaq Vilnius-
2021 An overview of corporate governance practice in companies listed on the Libyan stock marketAmara, Salem
2020 Overview of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code for the Companies Listed on Nasdaq Vilnius-
2021 Overview of business-wide assessments of money laundering and terrorist financing risks performed by financial market participants-
2019 An overview of biogas production : fundamentals, applications and future researchSawyerr, Nathaniel; Trois, Cristina; Workneh, Tilahun Seyoum; Okudoh, Vincent
2022 Overview of assessment of enterprise assets according to national accounting standards in the context of safe risksZatoka, Tetiana
2020 Overview analysis of policy and related measures for the promotion of financial inclusion for the poor and low-income earners in South AfricaChitimira, Howard