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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023 Management anomie and personal resources of management efficiency in transforming societiesHakobyan, Naira; Khachatryan, Anna; Chortok, Yuliia
2023 Using Swanson's theory to improve quality of work life to strengthen the healthcare sector in Ukraine and South AfricaDeonarain, Michaelle; Rampersad, Renitha
2023 Navigating the digital divide : exploring the multifaceted 4IR challenges and technological disparities encountered by SMMEs within Kwazulu-Natal, South AfricaSheik, Ismail
2023 Analysis of the effect of biologically active compounds of oats and alfalfa in the diet of geese on the nutritional value of goose meatMaiboroda, Daniil; Danchenko, Olena
2023 Analysis of the development of cloud technologies in accountingVagner, Iryna; Sarakhman, Oksana; Shurpenkova, Ruslana
2023 Assessment of strategic opportunities of the enterprise in conditions of uncertaintyKoval, Zoriana
2023 The importance of financial management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) : an analysis of challenges and best practicesNkwinika, Eugine; Akinola, Segun
2023 Development of a "people-centred approach" to realising healthcare by facilitating, patient participation in health attainment in South Africa and UkraineNaicker, Pashnee; Naicker, Visvanathan
2023 Quality improvement in emergency medical services : shared experiences of South Africa with pre-war UkraineChristopher, Lloyd; Naicker, Visvanathan; Naidoo, Navindhra
2023 Development and implementation of strategies for modernization of export-import enterprises : from technological audit to increasing international trade volumesIvakhiv, Anastasiia
2023 Interconnections assessment of banking capitalization with macroeconomic stability, including corruption and shadow economyDidenko, Iryna; Yefimenko, Alina
2023 An analysis of knowledge representation methods in intelligent decision-making support systemsGaman, Oleksandr; Shyshatskyi, Andrii; Babenko, Vitalina; Pluhina, Tetiana; Degtyareva, Larisa; Shaposhnikova, Olena; Pronin, Sergii; Protas, Nadiia; Stasiuk, Tetiana; Kutsenko, Inna
2023 Enhancing accuracy of information processing in onboard subsystems of UAVsZhukov, Igor; Dolintse, Bogdan
2023 The development of a method for visualizing the states of the national security systemKuchuk, Nina; Shyshatskyi, Andrii; Zhuravskyi, Yurii; Stasiuk, Tetiana; Nalapko, Oleksii; Sliusar, Peter; Protas, Nadiia; Shaposhnikova, Olena; Pronin, Sergii; Havryliuk, Oksana
2023 Determination of energy efficiency of autonomous generating equipment of industrial parks in conditions of military aggressionZaichenko, Stefan; Derevianko, Denys; Kulish, Roman
2023 Consideration of the impact of the transition from a cash crop economy on the carbon footprintMasud, Rony; Enam, Jihan Binte
2023 Examining the leadership approaches adopted by Fintech management when implementing organizational change prompted by digital transformationMusaigwa, Misheck; Kalitanyi, Vivence
2023 Analysis of factors in managing digital entrepreneurship development in tourism in Ukraine : challenges and opportunitiesKasian, Olena
2023 Analytics of the human capital of industrial enterprises in conditions of digitalization of economicsChernousova, Zhanna van; Melnychuk, Viktoriia
2023 Why unending? : migrations and the political economy of the xenophobic conflict in South Africa, a systematic reviewAkinrinde, Olawale Olufemi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1483