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2023 Does export intensity of heterogeneous firms affect leverage? : evidence from a small open economyRamzan, Imran; Gebizlioglu, Ömer Lütfi
2023 Banking sector openness, a path to social responsibility? : evidence from Southern European banksGaies, Brahim
2023 Monetary aggregates in the US since 2020 and post-COVID-19 inflation : evidence from the equation of exchangeBeretta, Edoardo; Neuberger, Doris
2023 PhD holders propensity to work in research-intensive sectors : evidence from ItalyParisi, Valentino; Pinheiro, Margarida M.
2023 When two banks fall, how do markets react?Almeida, Dora; Dionísio, Andreia Teixeira Marques; Ferreira, Paulo
2023 Home-ownership and unemployment : revisiting the Oswald hypothesis from a regional heterogeneity perspectiveTohmo, Timo; Viinikainen, Jutta
2023 A note on institutional trust and poverty : evidence from Latin AmericaTovar-García, Édgar Demetrio
2023 The urban mobility of elder workers : evidence with the American Time Use Survey (2003-2018)Velilla, Jorge; Ortega, Raquel; Gutiérrez-Lythgoe, Antonio
2023 A micro-foundation of a simple financial model with finite-time singularity bubble and its agent-based simulationYoshida, Naohiro
2023 Online disinformation : an economic analysisLisi, Gaetano
2023 Do tourism, economic complexity and globalization affect economic growth? : new empirical evidence in the context of TALC theory and accounting for cross sectional dependencePanagiotou, Thomas; Katrakilides, K.
2023 The impact of home protection schemes on non-performing loans in GreeceZervas, Andreas; Fasianos, Apostolos; Loizos, Konstantinos
2023 The dynamic effect of macroprudential policies on income inequality : some evidenceKonstantinou, Panagiotis; Rizos, Anastasios; Stratopoulou, Artemis
2023 Forecasting VIX : the illusion of forecast evaluation criteriaDegiannakis, Stavros; Kafousaki, Eleftheria
2023 Work, leisure, and the Monday Blue : does culture matter?Petsas, Iordanis; Li, Fengyun; Cai, Jinghan
2023 Revisiting the Mankiw et al. (1992) growth regressionsBoikos, Spyridon; Panagiōtidēs, Theodōros; Serenidou, Elisavet; Stengos, Thanasēs
2023 Financial development, economic growth, and income inequality : a Toda-Yamamoto panel causality testSotiropoulou, Theodora; Giakoumatos, Stefanos; Geōrgopoulos, Antōnēs N.
2023 Environmental, social and governance scores in Europe : what drives financial performance for larger firms?Gonçalves, Tiago Cruz; Barros, Victor; Avelar, José Vicente
2023 Gender and job satisfaction in OECD countriesKose, Tekin; Avcioglu, Kubra
2023 Underemployment and overemployment in Central EuropeDvouletý, Ondřej
Publikationen (sortiert nach Zugangsdatum in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 220