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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023Widening knowledge for a more resilient European Union : EURINT 2023 : EURINT conference proceedings, May 19-20, 2023Țigănașu, Ramona; Încalțărău, Cristian; Alupului, Ciprian
2022The world in motion : challenges, territorial dynamics and policy responses : EURINT 2022 : EURINT conference proceedings, May 20-21, 2022Încalțărău, Cristian; Iftimiei, Andra; Simionov, Loredana Maria; Patriche, Miruna
2021Assessing the EU's actorness in the Eastern neighbourhood : EURINT 2021 : EURINT conference proceedings, July 2-3, 2021Pascariu, Gabriela Carmen; Crudu, Rodica; Simionov, Loredana Maria; Încalțărău, Cristian
2020EU and its neighbourhood: enhancing EU actorness in the Eastern borderlands : EURINT 2020 : EURINT conference proceedings, October 15-17, 2020Ibănescu, Bogdan-Constantin; Încalțărău, Cristian; Alupului, Ciprian; Cărbune, Anatolie
2019European Union's structural challenges: the way forward : EURINT 2019 : EURINT conference proceedings May 17-18, 2019Țigănașu, Ramona; Simionov, Loredana; Alupului, Ciprian; Cărbune, Anatolie
2018Reflecting on Europe's (dis)order : scenarios for the EU's future : EURINT 2018 : EURINT conference proceedings May 18-19, 2018Ibănescu, Bogdan; Încalțărău, Cristian; Țigănașu, Ramona; Alupului, Ciprian
2017European Union at crossroads : building resilience in times of change : EURINT 2017 : EURINT conference proceedings May 19-20, 2017Moga, Teodor Lucian; Încalțărău, Cristian; Ibănescu, Bogdan
2016The Eastern partnership under strain : time for a rethink? ; EURINT 2016 ; EURINT conference proceedings May 20-21, 2016Pascariu, Gabriela Carmen; Moga, Teodor Lucian; Simionov, Loredana Maria
2015Regional development and integration : new challenges for EU ; EURINT 2015 ; EURINT conference proceedings May 22-23, 2015; Pascariu, Gabriela Carmen; Țigănașu, Ramona; Încalțărău, Cristian; Simionov, Loredana Maria
2014European Union in times of crisis : perspectives and solutions ; EURINT 2014 ; EURINT conference proceedings May 08-10, 2014; Pascariu, Gabriela Carmen; Țigănașu, Ramona; Încalțărău, Cristian