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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2024Automation-skill complementarity : the changing returns to soft skills in different stages of technology adoptionPustovalova, Anastasiia; Vahter, Priit
2022Predicting company innovativeness by analysing the website data of firms : a comparison across different types of innovationSõna, Sander; Masso, Jaan; Sharma, Shakshi; Vahter, Priit; Sharma, Rajesh
2022The relationship of technological and organizational innovation with firm performance : opening the black box of dynamic complementaritiesVahter, Priit; Vadi, Maaja
2021Joining and exiting the value chain of multinationals and the performance of suppliers: evidence from inter-firm transaction dataMasso, Jaan; Vahter, Priit
2020The role of firms in the gender wage gapMasso, Jaan; Meriküll, Jaanika; Vahter, Priit
2020Innovation as a firm-level factor of the gender wage gapMasso, Jaan; Vahter, Priit
2018The contribution of multinationals to wage inequality : foreign ownership and the gender pay gapVahter, Priit; Masso, Jaan
2018Export and productivity in global value chains : comparative evidence from Latvia and EstoniaBenkovskis, Konstantins; Masso, Jaan; Tkacevs, Oleg; Vahter, Priit; Yashiro, Naomitsu
2018Internationalisation, innovation and productivity in services : evidence from Germany, Ireland and the United KingdomPeters, Bettina; Riley, Rebecca R.; Siedschlag, Iulia; Vahter, Priit; McQuinn, John
2017The trade effects of the EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement in the automotive industryJuust, Mathias; Vahter, Priit; Varblane, Urmas