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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2024Increasing the accuracy of the vessel's course orientationKhlopenko, Mykola; Gritsuk, Igor; Sharko, Oleksandr; Appazov, Eduard
2024Development of fuzzy search method for creating an efficient information search system in text dataKleshch, Kyrylo
2024Double inclined cracks overlapping effect on mixed stress intensity factors using XFEM object-oriented implementationChabane, Rebadj; Moussaoui, Sabah; Belgasmia, Mourad
2024Determination of the features of integrated design of civil long-range aircraft with transonic truss-braced wing at the preliminary design stagePelykh, Valentyn; Andryushchenko, Volodymyr
2024Mathematical models creation for calculating dimensional accuracy at the construction stages of an analytical standard using the chain methodVorobiov, Iuriy; Maiorova, Kateryna; Voronko, Iryna; Skyba, Oleksandr; Komisarov, Oleh
2024The enhancing energy efficiency in hyperthermia treatment : a frequency-reconfigurable L-Shape antenna design and analysisAkinola, Segun; Leelakrishna, Reddy
2024Improvement of the methodology for predicting gas-dynamic phenomena on the basis of modern sound-capturing equipmentKrasnyk, Vyacheslav; Deglin, Boris
2024Study of the features of permanent and usual reverse-engineering methods of details of complex shapesMaiorova, Kateryna; Kapinus, Oleksandra; Skyba, Oleksandr
2024Digital identification and pattern recognition capabilities using machine learning methods, navigation systems, and video surveillanceMarchenko, Olena; Viunenko, Oleksandr; Nechai, Ihor
2024An overview of statistical and neural-based line segmentation methods for offline handwriting recognition taskYakovchuk, Oleg; Rogoza, Walery