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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2018Innovation mapping and business choices : a model for innovation management & marketingSpyropoulos, Theocharis Stylianos
2018Innovation marketing : from idea to start ups : a holistic literature reviewSpyropoulos, Theocharis Stylianos
2018The influence of foreign direct investment on managerial efficiency : the case of Kleemann HellasCharalampidou, Thomai; Magoutas, Anastasios; Chountalas, Panos
2018Factors affecting firm performance in periods of financial crisis : evidence from the listed on the Athens stock exchange food companiesChytis, Evangelos; Tasios, Stergios; Arnis, Nikolaos
2018Evaluating a humanitarian supply chain network : empirical findings from the HIV/AIDS program in NigeriaFaruna, Theophilus; Folinas, Dimitris
2018The impact of marketing expenditures on economic performance : the case of agricultural processed products industryTzatsi, Stella; Magoutas, Anastasios; Chountalas, Panos
2018Assessing the impact of the economic crisis on regional development in Greece, focusing on the forest sectorTsiaras, Stefanos
2018"From studies to employment" : significant factors that apart from job market shortage affect graduates' employability : the importance of employability-soft skillsDimopoulos, Andreas
2018Automated system for exam managementEfthimiopoulos, Konstantinos; Sinatkas, Ioannis; Nikolaou, Angelos; Mpatos, Panagiotis
2018An empirical investigation on university students' perceptions toward contactless card adoption and use for financial transactionsSaprikis, Vaggelis; Antoniadis, Ioannis