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[KOF education system factbooks]
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Zurich, Switzerland : ETH Zurich, KOF Swiss Economic Institute
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In the KOF Education System Factbook: United Kingdom, we describe the United Kingdom's vocational system and discuss the characteristics that are crucial to the functioning of the system. Essential components comprise the regulatory framework and the governance of the VPET system, the involved actors, and their competencies and duties. The Factbook also provides information regarding the financing of the system and describes the process of curriculum development and the involved actors. The Factbook is structured as follows: First, we provide an overview of the United Kingdom's economy, labour market, and political system. The second part is dedicated to the description of the formal education system. The third section explains the United Kingdom's vocational education system. The last section offers a perspective on the United Kingdom's recent education reforms and challenges to be faced in the future.
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Edition 1
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English (eng)
(2017). The KOF education system factbook: United Kingdom. Edition 1. Zurich, Switzerland : ETH Zurich, KOF Swiss Economic Institute.
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