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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2022 European cohesion policy to the rescue? : revising (counter)-cyclical effects in the EU-28 recipient countriesŠtiblárová, Ľubica
2022 Time and budget overruns on Czech international development projectsDufková, Gabriela
2022 The effect of sanctions on EU-Russia trade : the study for 2015 - 2019Drapkin, Igor; Sidorov, Kirill; Mariev, Oleg
2022 The effect of public debt on income inequality in advanced economies : does institutional quality matter?Van Bon Nguyen
2022 The importance of determinants of strategic development in e-commerceSvatošová, Veronika; Rajchlová, Jaroslava
2022 Measuring convergence in tourism competitiveness of natural and cultural resources : a case of the Balkans and Eastern EuropePantović, Danijela; Bošković, Nikola; Petrović, Tijana
2022 Assessing permanent and transitory volatility spillover effect from oil to stocks in Baltic and Visegrad countriesŽivkov, Dejan; Gajić-Glamočlija, Marina; Đurašković, Jasmina; Momčilović, Mirela
2022 The fatherhood premium or the fatherhood penalty? : it depends on the type of marriage you're in : the case of Slovakia 2009 through 2018Zajíčková, Drahomíra; Zajíček, Miroslav
2022 The relationship between household wealth and financial vulnerability in the post-communist countries of the Euro AreaBuleca, Ján; Šubová, Nikola; Maličká, Lenka
2022 International remittances and poverty : blessing or curse?Can, Zeynep Gizem; Çiftiçi, Hakkı
2022 The real effect of the Czech tax policy for combating the tobacco epidemicDavid, Petr; Litzman, Marek; Rozmahel, Petr
2022 Measuring monetary policy in emerging economy : the role of monetary condition indexBui Thanh Trung
2022 A new evidence of the relationship between cryptocurrencies and other assets from the COVID-19 crisisAljinović, Zdravka; Šestanović, Tea; Škrabić Perić, Blanka
2022 Low-wage employment in Czechia : a persistent burdenFialová, Kamila
2022 Interest rate sensitivity of savings accountsWitzany, Jiří; Diviš, Martin
2022 Capital structure and firm performance : the case of Central and Eastern European economiesBrendea, Gabriela; Pop, Fănuța; Mihalca, Loredana
2022 Impact of coronavirus pandemic on changesin e-consumer behaviour : empirical analysis of Slovak e-commerce marketMarkovič, Peter; Pollák, František; Vavrek, Roman; Kostuk, Yaroslava
2022 Estimating fiscal reaction functions for developing and developed countries : a dynamic panel threshold analysisTuran, Taner; İyidoğan, Pelin Varol
2022 Macroeconomic, structural, and bank-specific determinants of non-performing loans in Central and Eastern EuropeShala, Albulena; Toc̦i, Valentin; Mustafa, Arben
2022 The determinants of competitive advantage for Europe's regions : digital economy at the start of the fourth industrial revolutionZdražil, Pavel; Kraftová, Ivana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 312