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Working paper / CIRIEC
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Liège (Belgium) : CIRIEC International, Université de Liège
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The Quebec social economy has boomed over the last thirty years. This development was supported by a global strategy recognizing their value as Associations fulfilling a clear and relevant social mission and as collective businesses operating efficiently an economic activity. This sector has been supported by an ecosystem of demand of financing through the provision of professional technical services and supply of the same financing by a comprehensive ensemble of institutions offering different financial products. The State played a central role in the construction of this ecosystem by offering regulatory, fiscal levers and direct contribution always looking to stimulate leverage pushing for the financial intervention of civil society, individual investors and the private sector.
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Dorion, Claude (2016). Le financement de l'économie sociale au Québec : présentation de l'écosystème, faite dans le cadre de la Conférence "Boosting social enterprises in Europe" organisée par la Présidence luxembourgeoise du Conseil de l'Union européenne, décembre 2015. Liège (Belgium) : CIRIEC International, Université de Liège.
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