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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2024The effect of GDP per capita, population, and income inequality on CO2 emissions in IndonesiaAhmad, Aripin; Wahyudi, Heru; Lestari, Winda Riska
2024The influence of determinats on CO2 emission in Indonesia for a decadeWahyudi, Heru; Gunarto, Toto; Ciptawaty, Ukhti; Aida, Neli; Yunita, Rily; Putri, Resha Moniyana
2024Comparison of energy consumption to economic growth in developing Asian and developed Asian countriesGunarto, Toto; Ciptawaty, Ukhti; Yuliawan, Dedy; Mahyudin, Ahmad; Pratama, Ahmad Dhea; Wahyudi, Heru
2024The relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in BRICS countriesWahyudi, Heru
2023Comparison of renewable and non-renewable energy in the long and short term of Indonesia economyWahyudi, Heru; Ciptawaty, Ukhti; Ratih, Arivina; Pratama, Ahmad Dhea
2023Walking as an alternative to Indonesia's oil consumption problemWahyudi, Heru; Lestasi, Winda Rika; Septiyanti, Ratna; Palupi, Widia Anggi
2023Natural resources curse in IndonesiaWahyudi, Heru; Palupi, Widia Anggi
2023Analysis of oil price and exchange rate in IndonesiaWahyudi, Heru; Andriyanto, R. Weddie; Tresnaningtyas, Armeita; Sumanda, Kamadie; Palupi, Widia Anggi
2023Long-term implications of economic complexity and energy intensity on the environment in lower-middle-income countries in AsiaWahyudi, Heru; Suripto, Suripto; Palupi, Widia Anggi
2023Relationship between energy consumption, foreign direct investment, and labor force participation using the VECM Model : empirical study in OECD countriesWahyudi, Heru; Palupi, Widia Anggi