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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023Gas consumption as a key for low carbon state and its impact on economic growth in Malaysia : ARDL ApproachMajekodunmi, Temitayo B.; Mohd Shahidan Shaari; Zainal, Nor Fadzilah; Nor Hidayah Harun; Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Noorazeela Zainol Abidin; Nur Hayati Abd Rahman
2023The green effect : exploring the impact of innovation and foreign direct investment on environmental quality in MalaysiaAbdul Rahim Ridzuan; Dash, Santanu Kumar; Porwal, Ashish; Dhayal, Karambir Singh; Nur Hayati Abd Rahman; Omran, Mohammed Fawzy
2023Exploring the factors behind renewable energy consumption in Indonesia : analyzing the impact of corruption and innovation using ARDL modelVoumik, Liton Chandra; Akter, Salma; Ridwan, Mohammad; Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Pujiati, Amin; Handayani, Bestari Dwi; Keshminder, J. S.; Mohamad Idham Md. Razak
2023The dynamic relationship between energy consumption and level of unemployment rates in Malaysia : a time series analysis based on ARDL estimationHalimahton Borhan; Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Mohamad Idham Md. Razak; Rozita Naina Mohamed
2022Economic growth, financial development, energy consumption and life expectancy : fresh evidence from ASEAN countriesHendrawaty, Ernie; Mohd Shahidan Shaari; Kesumah, Fajrin Satria Dwi; Abdul Rahim Ridzuan
2022Reinvestigating the presence of environmental Kuznets Curve in Malaysia : the role of foreign direct investmentAbdul Rahim Ridzuan; Vikniswari Vija Kumaran; Fianto, Bayu Arie; Mohd Shahidan Shaari; Padilla, Miguel Angel Esquivias; Albani, Aliashim
2022Do financial development and trade liberalization influence environmental quality in Indonesia? : evidence-based on ARDL modelAbdul Rahim Ridzuan; Fianto, Bayu Arie; Padilla, Miguel Angel Esquivias; Vikniswari Vija Kumaran; Mohd Shahidan Shaari; Albani, Aliashim
2021Nexus between financial development and income inequality before pandemic Covid-19 : does financial Kuznets curve exist in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines?Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Shahsuzan Zakaria; Fianto, Bayu Arie; Nora Yusma Bte Mohamed Yusoff; Nor Fatimah Che Sulaiman; Mohamad Idham Md. Razak; Siswantini; Lestari, Arsiyanti
2021The nexus between economic growth and natural resource abundance in selected ASEAN countries before Pandemic Covid-19Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Mohd Shahidan Shaari; Rosli, Anita; Abdul Rahim Md Jamil; Siswantini; Lestari, Arsiyanti; Shahsuzan Zakaria
2021The impacts of rural population growth, energy use and economic growth on CO2 emissionsMohd Shahidan Shaari; Noorazeela Zainol Abidin; Abdul Rahim Ridzuan; Meo, Muhammad Saeed