How to order books and articles

If you wish to order items from the ZBW holdings you need a ZBW user card. It is available without cost at the information desk (9 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.) or at the loan desk (after 4.30 p.m.).  

You can search and order in EconBiz. Just click the link “Login” at the top right-hand corner of the bar in EconBiz.

Hits from the result list that you can order with your ZBW user card have a section "Available at ZBW" below the detailed view. Click on "Request".

After clicking the button “Request” a page will open where you can choose whether you want to pick up the book or journal in Kiel or in Hamburg. Please take note of the corresponding times allotted for transport. Input your user number and your password (the default setting is your birthday as DDMMYY) and send the form.

If a publication does not have a “Request” button

Call up the detailed view. At the bottom of the entry you will find a link to the order form (“Order here”).

Renewal of loan period for books

You can borrow books for three weeks and then renew the loan period up to four times unless they have been reserved by someone else.

You can renew the loan period yourself online in your ZBW account. In EconBiz you will find this at the top right-hand corner of the page if you have selected the ZBW view. In your account you can see a list of all your borrowed items. The list will show you which publications can be renewed, and you can then carry out the renewals. When you have done so, there may be notes about items that could not be renewed, please take note of these.

A renewal extends the loan period for three weeks starting on the day of the renewal.


You can make reservations for books and journals in online in your ZBW account.

Titles that are currently on loan have a button “Reserve”. When the requested item becomes available we will notify you by email if you have registered an email address with us.

Journal volumes

Journal volumes will be at your disposal for reading, copying and scanning in the library for 5 working days.

Journals from the current year

Journals from the current year cannot be requested with a request button. You will see the notice "Unbound/Please use the order form". To order these issues, please use the order form.

Older journal volumes

You can order older journal volumes that do not show up in the volume list with the order form.

Online publications

Please take note that many online publications can only be accessed on the premises of the ZBW because they are not freely available on the web, but are subject to licence agreements.