Frequently asked questions

How can I register as a user at the ZBW in Kiel or Hamburg?

You can register as a ZBW user online or at the service  desk in Kiel or Hamburg. You need a valid ID and, in some cases, written confirmation of residency from the local registry office. Registration and the ZBW card are free.

How long is the ZBW card valid?

The ZBW card is valid for one year. If you want to renew it, please contact the service desk in person and bring the same documents as for the registration.

Why can’t I order anything?

In our online catalogue you can place orders only with a valid ZBW card. If your card is invalid or blocked, contact the service desk, please.

How long do I have to wait for the books?

Usually, books and journals can be picked up at the loan desk in Kiel or Hamburg 60 minutes after they have been requested. Items ordered from the other branch can be picked up on the next day (orders from Kiel after 12 a.m. on the following day, orders from Hamburg after 2 p.m. on the following day), items from the external stacks within 5 working days after the request.

Can I keep the book a little longer?

You can renew the loan period yourself in your user account unless it has been reserved by someone else.

Do I have to go to Kiel or Hamburg to borrow an item?

No. You can have books and copies of articles delivered to your home or to your library by document delivery.

Why is there no request button?

You have found an article in a journal in the online catalogue. Please make a note of the year, issue and page and click the link in the line „In:“. That’s the journal. Now you can choose your volume from the volume list and request it. If the required volume is not contained in the list, please fill out the order form.


I have further questions

If you have other questions regarding economic topics or literature search you can contact our Advisory Team at any time. Our Team Information in Kiel or Hamburg will answer questions on how to use the library.