Knowledge organisation

The ZBW systematises the economic information it provides and makes it available in processed form. It uses tried and tested tools and methods as well as newer approaches that support the indexing process and improve the findability of information. Below is an overview of knowledge organisation at the ZBW.

Wir geben Ihnen hier einen Überblick über die Wissensorganisation in der ZBW.

Digital preservation

In collaboration with national and international partners, the ZBW develops strategies and, in the course of digital preservation, operative measures for the sustained preservation of its digital contents (publications and digitised objects and their metadata) by means of digital preservation, maintaining them accessible for the long-term.

Metadaten Management

Metadata management at the ZBW employs specialists in metadata standards and formats to integrate heterogeneous metadata for the portal EconBiz.

Standard Thesaurus for Economics (STW)

The STW Thesaurus for Economics, developed and published by the ZBW, provides the world’s most comprehensive thesaurus for searching and indexing content in economics.

Automation of subject indexing using methods of Artificial Intelligence

The automation of various workflows in the indexing process and their seemless integration with intellectual cataloguing and subject indexing is a permanent task at ZBW. We continuously evaluate automated procedures, develop them further in the context of our research activities, and transfer them into productive operation.