Organisation chart of the ZBW

  • Foundation Council
  • Advisory Board
  • Director’s Department,
    Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann (Director), Thorsten Meyer (Library Director), Axinia Braunisch (Administrative Director)
    • Program Area A Collection Development & Metadata, Thorsten Meyer (Head)
      • Department A1 Academic Services,
        Susanne Schmucker (provisional Head)
      • Department A2 Integrated Acquisition & Cataloguing,
        Anke Böhrnsen (Head)
    • Program Area B User Services & Collection Care,
      Dr. Monika Zarnitz (Head)
      • Department B1 User Services,
        Manuela Bannick (provisional Head)
      • Department B2 Collection Care,
        Dr. Monika Zarnitz (Head)
    • Program Area C Open Economics,
      Prof. Dr. Marianne Saam (Head)
      • Department C1 Wirtschaftsdienst Intereconomics,
        Kristin Biesenbender (Head)
      • Department C2 Publication Services,
        Olaf Siegert (Head)
      • Department C3 Information Provision & Access,
        Dr. Tamara Pianos (Head)
      • Department C4 Digital Economics,
        Prof. Dr. Marianne Saam (Head)
    • Program Area D Digital Information Infrastructures,
      Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann (Head)
      • Department D1 Innovative Information Systems & Publishing Technologies,
        Dr. Timo Borst (Head)
      • Department D2 Open Science Transfer,
        Dr. Guido Scherp (Head)
      • Department D3 Open Science,
        Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann (Head)
    • Central Department Z1 Marketing & Public Relations,
      Dr. Doreen Siegfried (Head)
    • Central Department Z2 IT Infrastructure,
      Dr. Frank Lindemann (Head)
    • Administrative Department,
      Axinia Braunisch (Head)
    • Directorate Staff Sections
    • Equity and diversity advisor / GETA Commissioner,
      Ulrike Ellendt
  • Equal Opportunities Commissioner,
    Laura Boddin
  • Staff Council,
    Thomas Groß (Chair)
  • Representative for disabled employees,
    Manfred Faden

Date: 31 October 2023