ZBW gives open and digital access to an important journal data archive in economics

Cooperation between the Journal of Applied Econometrics, publisher Wiley and ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics shows innovative division of labour in the context of Open Science

Kiel/Hamburg, 8 March 2023: ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics has taken over one of the largest data archives among economics journals. With immediate effect, the data collection of the renowned Journal of Applied Econometrics is available under an open licence in the ZBW Journal Data Archive.

The Journal of Applied Econometrics (JAE) data archive is one of the oldest and largest data archives of economics journals. For 28 years - since 1994 - thanks to pioneering work by Professor James MacKinnon of Queen’s University (Canada), the JAE has been collecting underlying datasets for the journal's research articles. To date, research data for more than 1,400 articles are available.

The aim of publishing articles together with the underlying data is to improve the reproducibility of published economic research. Authors can also be credited for providing data and code through citation.

The open data archive allows economic researchers to use the JAE data to reproduce the results reported in an article, apply them to their own research or use them for teaching and doctoral training.

The unique data collection has been carefully processed to make it accessible for research in the sense of FAIR Open Data. This has been made possible through the migration to the ZBW Journal Data Archive. The ZBW Journal Data Archive is an infrastructure that offers easy administration and storage for the datasets of published articles and links the data with their corresponding publication.

In migrating the JAE data archive, great care was taken to make the data available and largely FAIR compliant. Some examples:

  • The data now have an unambiguous identification number, the so-called DOI.
  • The records and data are provided with extensive additional metadata following subject-specific standards.
  • The data link to the corresponding publication (and vice versa).

The cooperation between the Journal of Applied Econometrics, its publisher Wiley and the ZBW is a pilot project for the integration of economics journals’ data archives. The ZBW invites editors of such journals to store replication data for empirical papers in the ZBW Journal Data Archive.

Barbara Rossi, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Econometrics comments: “We are happy that ZBW has offered a new home for the data archive of the Journal of Applied Econometrics. We are extremely grateful to James MacKinnon for his excellent work in handling the archive until now, and we hope to continue to offer the best service to our readership. The fact that the data now also have DOIs and link directly to the published articles is a nice new feature.” 

Graham Russel, Associate Journals Publisher at Wiley, said: “Working with the ZBW Journal Data Archive enhances the services we provide for the journal. Providing data to accompany published articles demonstrates the high level of the journal and the importance of open science practices, which we as a publisher also support.”

Olaf Siegert, Head of Publication Services at ZBW, complements: “Our service with the Journal Data Archive has reached a new milestone with the integration of the Journal of Applied Econometrics data archive. The work on the journal’s data archive was challenging, but the result is impressive. For the ZBW, offering open science infrastructures and promoting open science practices in economic research is an important task.”

The JAE data archive: