Working with Research Data at the ZBW

Research data management

The Alliance of German Science Organisations defines research data as data “that are created in the course of scientific projects, through digitisation, basic research, experiments, measurements, surveys or interviews”. Research Data Management (RDM) includes methodological, conceptual, organisational and technical measures and procedures for handling research data.

Data sharing

In economics, it is becoming a practice for researchers to make their data available for reuse. This so-called Data Sharing offers significant advantages:

  1. Expensive collection procedures and duplicate efforts can be avoided.
  2. The transparency of scholarly knowledge-creation processes can be increased.
  3. Knowledge-creation processes can be accelerated through collaboration.

Research data infrastructures

An essential basis for research data management are suitable infrastructures. Research data infrastructures make it possible

  • to store, search for, and access research data,
  • to reuse data for one’s own research projects,
  • to verify the robustness of published scholarly findings.

Projects with research data at the ZBW

Various ZBW projects are working towards

  • building federated research data infrastructures,
  • promoting the sharing of research data,
  • the reproducibility of research findings,
  • Open Science practices and data literacy.

The ZBW is a competent partner for economic research data and their corresponding technologies. The ZBW is an active driver in an international network of research data actors in the context of data literacy, infrastructure and policy making.