Gender equality

The ZBW successfully implements equal work opportunities for women and men. We support our employees in their professional development and career choices including part-time employees. Gender equality is the responsibility of all managers and a cross-sectional task impacting on all areas of the ZBW. The Law on Equality of Women in the Civil Service of Schleswig-Holstein and the Agreement of Implementation on Equal Opportunities provide the basis.

Should women be under-represented in academic employment and management functions, or in subject-specific areas, they will be preferred in the application procedure if they can show equal qualifications. We aim for a balanced employment structure in all our areas of activity.

For the ZBW, gender equality goes beyond supporting gender balance in the institution and includes the creation of equal opportunities for all genders, the protection against discrimination, the regard for diversity, and the support of a diversity mainstreaming.

As an institution of the Leibniz Association, we implement the DFG’s Research-oriented Standards on Gender Equality of the German Research Foundation (DFG), and in continuation from 2017 onwards the Leibniz Standards on Gender Equality. In our Gender Equality Plan we have engaged to implement our targets for gender equality.

Reconciliation of work and family life

The ZBW practises a family-friendly, life-phase-oriented and diversity-sensitive human resources policy. The reconciliation of work, family and private life regards all social communities of the individual employees where they take on social responsibility, as well as caring tasks. This includes children and adults regardless of the nature of the relationship.

Our numerous measures in this area address all members of staff, regardless of gender:

  • Flexitime is guaranteed in a service agreement.
  • Part-time models with the option to return to former full-time positions are implemented flexibly and address the individual needs of employees.
  • Teleworking is arranged individually within a generous framework (service agreement).
  • We support the reconciliation of work and long-term care of relatives with individual arrangements.
  • A parent-child-office is available at both branches.
  • The ZBW provides emergency childcare and participation in holiday programmes for school children in Kiel and Hamburg.
  • Parents can be integrated into the internal communication flow during parental leave; their participation in training programmes during parental leave supports reintegration into working life.

The certificate “audit berufundfamilie”

On 30 September 2018, the ZBW received the audit berufundfamilie (work and family audit) certification which honours the strategic, family- and life-phase-oriented human resources policy of the ZBW. This builds on the TOTAL E-QUALITY ratings which the ZBW gained three times between 2008 and 2015.