Open Access Policy: recommendations for publications by ZBW employees

(As of September 2022)

The ZBW strongly recommends the publication of its own work and research results in a freely accessible digital format. This can be done either directly via open access media or in parallel, respectively time-delayed, via the local repository infrastructure. For this purpose, the following points are of particular importance:

The ZBW recommends to its authors that research results are published in a form that allows a direct or at least a deferred Open Access publication. When choosing a publication medium, quality and reputation are paramount. Therefore, only those media should be chosen that are considered acceptable in the scientific community in this respect. If, from the author's point of view, there is no suitable high-ranking publication medium in open access for a contribution, it may alternatively be published in an access-restricted format. In this case, however, the author's contract should be carefully examined in order to ensure that the ZBW makes an Open Access version of the contribution available, at least with a time delay.

The ZBW supports its authors with information and advice on all aspects of publishing. This includes, for example, the clarification of legal and financial questions in connection with Open Access publications. In addition, the ZBW supports its authors in assessing whether an Open Access publication can be classified as trustworthy and serious.

With the ZBW Publication Archive, the ZBW operates a local repository infrastructure that allows its authors to make their own publications publicly accessible and citable with minimal effort. It is designed to be interdisciplinary (and thus complementary to the disciplinary publication server EconStor) and serves as an institutional repository for the publications of ZBW employees. The freely accessible publications from there are also listed in LeibnizOpen, the Open Access portal of the Leibniz Association.

In accordance with the Plan S principles, applicable Open Access publication fees are fully financed by the ZBW if the journal in question is a genuine Open Access journal or if the collection in question is wholly published in Open Access (hybrid publication will be funded only in well justified exceptions).

By participating in offsetting agreements with scientific publishers, the ZBW enables its authors to publish directly in Open Access, even if the business model of the publication format is access-restricted.

When applying for third-party funding, scientists at the ZBW should apply for separate publication funds where possible, in order to finance project-related publications in Open Access media from project funds.

The ZBW recommends that its authors use standardised, open licenses for their Open Access publications.

The ZBW also actively uses the options for more Open Access to the self-edited publications (journals, book series, conference proceedings, etc.).

In addition, the ZBW encourages its authors to become actively involved in recognised Open Access journals and series, e.g. as editors or reviewers.