ZBW supplies data for Wirtschaftswoche ranking of business economists

ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics repeatedly provides databasis for the ranking of most research-intensive German-speaking business economists – KOF Swiss Economic Institute relies on internationally renowned quality of ZBW metadata

Kiel/Hamburg, 27 October 2022: The ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics repeatedly provides data for the Wirtschaftswoche Ranking of business economists. Information service provider ZBW has the world’s largest data pool and sends a data copy of 9,366 relevant datasets to KOF Swiss Economic Institute at ETH Zurich for its research monitoring database. The quality of the metadata was the deciding factor for KOF.

The German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche regularly publishes a ranking of the most research-intensive business economists in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. Its databasis is the bibliometric web portal Forschungsmonitoring operated by KOF. The ZBW supplied KOF with a data copy of 9,366 relevant datasets for analysis, most of them from the last three years. The papers were published by 4,750 researchers in 1,362 journals.

With this data delivery, the ZBW provides the basis for the new ranking.

The ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics is the only institution which catalogues every individual paper contained in the most important journals in economics. In 2021 alone, 74,244 articles in journals were newly indexed. In addition to the depth of detail in the cataloguing of international economic publications, the ZBW is also able to distinguish between the authors of scientific publications, even with the same names, through the intellectual evaluation of publications and other information sources.

Comprehensive and high-quality metadata are indispensable for the ranking. It is essential to know whether a paper by “Peter Meyer” was written by “Peter Meyer” of the X Institute or by a homonymous researcher at Y University. If these distinctions were not made at the ZBW, KOF would need to put high efforts into validation. “We are very grateful to the ZBW for its detailed and customer-friendly collaboration”, says Lamar Crombach at KOF.

The next ranking is expected to be published in December 2022.