ZBW supports free access to the publications of the German Economic Association (VfS)

Renowned series in economics to be published in Open Access in the future

Kiel/Hamburg, 6 July 2022: The ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, publisher Duncker & Humblot and the learned society Verein für Socialpolitik (German Economic Association) are converting the series “Schriften des Vereins für Socialpolitik” into an Open Access model. All new titles within the renowned series will be published in Open Access, starting from 2022. Historical series from 1873 onwards will be made available step by step.

As a national information infrastructure for economics, the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics cooperates actively with academic publishers to advance the Open Access transformation. The ZBW, the publisher Duncker & Humblot, and the German Economic Association are now converting the “Schriften des Vereins für Socialpolitik” (SVS) into an Open Access model.

Future titles in the series will be freely available digitally immediately after publication. The first title in the series was published in Open Access in May 2022. In addition, archived years back to 1873 will be made available in Open Access. More than 700 works will successively be made available freely and reusably.

The ZBW bears the cost for production and conversion to Open Access of the series and makes them accessible through the repository EconStor. There will be no book processing charges for authors in this new model.

The German Economic Association (VfS) is one of the largest learned societies for economists in Germany. The series “Schriften des Vereins für Socialpolitik” has been in existence since the official foundation of the association in 1873. The series contains works of eminent economists such as Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich August von Hayek and Gustav Stolper.

[Quote] Thorsten Meyer, ZBW library director:

“We are happy to be able to implement such an important project in Open Access transformation for books in collaboration with our renowned partners Duncker & Humblot and the German Economic Association. This marks an important milestone in implementing our Open Science strategy at the ZBW.”

[Quote] Andreas Reckwerth, Director Duncker & Humblot:

“We are very happy that we can now open up “Schriften des Vereins für Socialpolitik” with their venerable tradition for the community in the 150th year of our cooperation with the Association. This ensures long-term visibility for the excellent works that have been published in the series since 1873 and for those to be published in the future. We are grateful to the ZBW for enabling this project.”

[Quote] VfS Boardd: Professor Georg Weizsäcker:

“With the Open Access model we increase the visibility and findability of our scientific findings and make them available to a broad community freely and without cost. We are happy with the collaboration with Duncker & Humblot and thank the ZBW for the implementation.”