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Video: Our Research Supports Economists in their Daily Work
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Libraries and information infrastructures are facing changes of a magnitude never seen before. The ZBW wants to take an active part in these changes. Therefore the ZBW increasingly carries out application-oriented research which develops internet-based working environments to support excellence in economic research.

At present, the ZBW pursues the following themes:

Digital Information Infrastructures

Digital Information Infrastructures focuses on the conception and development of infrastructures for research data management. This work is carried out in the immediate context of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) in Germany and the European Open Science Cloud of the European Commission.

Web Science

Web Science analyses the interaction between internet technologies and society. In this field of research, the ZBW looks at the impact of web-based communication on the work routines of researchers as well as at the development and effectiveness of new publishing, research and collaboration processes.

Information Profiling and Retrieval

Methods of Artificial Intelligence have long since taken root in our daily lives. Search engines are learning to optimise their search results from the search behaviour of thousands of users. The research group Information Profiling and Retrieval addresses all aspects necessary for an intelligent processing and provision of information.

Digital Economics

Research in the area of Digital Economics examines the use of digital technologies for the processes of knowledge creation about economic topics. These processes include exchanges within the economics community as well as information and communication about economic topics in a wider public.

ZBW Labs

In ZBW Labs we present new, innovative applications and services developed at the ZBW that are not yet ready for regular operation.

Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice in the Leibniz Association

The ZBW is committed to the rules and procedures set down in the Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice in the Leibniz Association.