Use of the STW

As a structured controlled vocabulary for the representation of economic content in various forms the STW is reused in many different ways within and outside the ZBW.

ZBW internal use:

The STW is available as a search- and browsable resource on the web. It is used for intellectual subject indexing, for literature searches in the portal EconBiz, on the publication server EconStor and in the two economic journals published by the ZBW, Wirtschaftsdienst and Intereconomics. In addition, the STW is used for research data management in the Registry Agency for Social and Economic Data da | ra and in the web-based research data infrastructure SowiDataNet.

In addition, the STW is used in research and development at the ZBW. This includes the semi-automatic development of links to other vocabularies and the automation of subject indexing using methods from artificial intelligence.

ZBW external use:

The STW is used as a knowledge organization system at universities, research institutes, public institutions and companies. Below is a selection of institutions and applications which use the STW.

  • GBI-Genios

    GBI-Genios Deutsche Wirtschaftsdatenbank GmbH is a commercial supplier of electronic press, business and economic information. GBI-Genios uses the STW for subject indexing of economic content in its online database wiso

  • Ifo Institute

    The Ifo Institute for Economic Research - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich is one of Germany´s largest economic research institutes. The library of the Ifo Institute uses the STW among other sources for subject indexing of content in its online catalogue.

  • WISS Research Group

    The research group Web-Based Information Systems and Services (WISS) uses the STW for research on natural language processing and data integration.

  • Swiss Economic Archives (SWA)

    The Swiss Economic Archive in Basel has been curating archives of private enterprises since 1910 and documents economic history and policy in Switzerland. The thematic structure of the Archive follows the STW subject categories. 

Please, write to us at if your institution also uses the STW.