Publishing economic research

The ZBW helps you publish your economic research in Open Access and make it visible to the community.

Repository EconStor

EconStor is the repository of the ZBW. We offer permanent, safe and citable archiving for your publications in economics under the terms of Open Access. We ingest your files and store them on our server. On our EconStor website we make them available to the public.

Open Library Economics

Open Library Economics offers funding for scholar-led journals that wish to convert to a sustainable Open Access business model, offering their journals in Diamond Open Access under their own management.

Wirtschaftsdienst – Journal for Economic Policy

Wirtschaftsdienst publishes articles by renowned authors from science, policy and practice on current issues in German economic and social policy. The journal Wirtschaftsdienst is edited by the ZBW.

Intereconomics – Review of European Economic Policy

Intereconomics publishes articles on current issues in European economic and social policy in English language. The journal Intereconomics is edited by the ZBW in cooperation with the Centre for European Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.