Spotlight on current issues in economics

With the "Spotlight on current issues in economics" we invite you to get insights into the latest findings in economic research through lists of references and online research papers held and archived by the ZBW.

Russia's war in Ukraine has strong impacts on flight, migration and integration of refugees in Europe.

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize of Economic Sciences goes to Claudia Goldin for her contributions to the research of employment and gender pay gaps.

Poverty remains persistently in growing economies. Is inclusive growth a solution?

Adam Smith became world famous for his economic models. In current debates about sustainability and supply chain regulation, however, his early work on ethical behaviour seems worthy to be studied afresh.

German laws place high demands on companies. Costs and additional effort are incurred, but there are also gains to be had from higher performance, reputation and ratings in financing.

Inflation, interest rate hikes and the war against Ukraine are slowing global growth. Nevertheless, the danger of recession seems to have been averted for the time being.

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, an ageing workforce and increased globalisation and digitalisation, it is important to meet these challenges with Diversity management.

Rising energy prices are hitting the German economy and the private sector because of dependence on Russian gas and oil imports.

The Russian war in Ukraine is having a strong impact on the Ukrainian economy and the global economy. Inflation rates, energy prices and the cost of living are rising significantly.

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize of Economic Sciences goes jointly to Ben S. Bernanke, Douglas W. Diamond and Philip Dybvig for their contributions on the role of banks in the economy and financial crises.

Big Data offers new opportunities for scientific research on economic and social topics. At the current annual conference of the Verein für Socialpolitik, topics relating to research and application of the methods of Big Data will be discussed.

Teleworking in Times of Covid-19 changed the world of labour worldwide. How will this continue with less infections and normalization after pandemic times?

With COVID-19 and the war in the Ukraine leading to supply chain problems, price jumps in energy, higher inflation rates and deglobalisation tendencies what is next for the global economy?

Small and medium-sized enterprises - especially craft enterprises - are particularly affected by the shortage of skilled workers. With our Spotlight we are turning to the question of how companies can plan their staffing needs and recruit and retain employees.

Labour shortage is a widely known problem of ageing societies worldwide. Take a look at some aspects with our spotlight.

After the Bundestag elections, the three coalition parties will define the future path towards sustainable policies. The climate turnaround means a mobility turnaround, because transport is a major cause of CO2 pollution.