With the "Spotlight on current issues in economics" we invite you to get insights into the latests findings in economic research through lists of references and online research papers held and archived by the ZBW.

Life expectancy is increasing and everyone hopes for a long and healthy life. What individuals regard as a gift is proving to be a challenge for societies and pension systems.

The eighties saw a broad public debate about data protection being endangered by the German census which resulted in new laws. Now, 30 years later, we see millions of people worldwide sharing their personal data on digital networks like Facebook.

The German government plans a law which gives the right to return into fulltime jobs. There is a controversial discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of such regulation.


Scientists of different disciplines discuss key elements of Marx’ publications and their relevance in times of digitalization and globalization.

Economists have analyzed the effects of protectionism and beggar-thy-neighbour policy. Their findings show negative consequences for both sides.

What’s going on with Bitcoin price fluctuation and its huge volatility? Here you’ll find more information about the most famous crypto currency.